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How do I decide between the Suction Cup and Air Vent Device Mount for my car?

Sit in your car and determine where you’d like your phone to be placed. We recommend you position the Device Mount within arm’s reach in a safe place, not obstructing vision of the road ahead.

If you’re considering the air vent option, ensure the vent has straight horizontal or vertical arms. A crisscross or circular vent will not work with the Air Vent Mount, in this case opt for the Suction Cup Mount.

View image below as a guide when considering the Air Vent Device Mount:


What else can I use the Stag Device Mounts for?

Stag Device Mounts can be used loads of ways, and hold many different devices.

Popular devices we’ve seen mounted include smart phones, iPads, tablets and GPS navigation systems.

The Device Mounts can be used not just in your car, though also on your boat or truck, at the gym or home on mirrors, or on your kitchen bench or cabinets.

Ideas on where to use your Suction Cup Device Mount:


What makes Stag Device Mounts stronger than others on the market?

Stag Device Mounts contain 4 x N45 magnets which have been tested to firmly hold all smart phones and iPads of any weight and size.

The adjustable base of the Air Vent Mount, and pressurized Suction Cup, ensures the Mounts don’t fall out of place. Many on the market don’t have adjustable bases, making them loose over time, falling out of your preferred spot easily, or when braking heavily.


Will the magnets used affect my electronic device negatively?

Short answer, NO.

The small metal plate which is placed between your device and the mount, is the barrier between the magnetic force and the magnets. This metal plate is the only point which the magnetic field grips to.


I don’t want to stick the metal plate to my device, what do I do?

No drama, you don’t have to peel the 3M tape and stick it to your device if you don’t want to.

With either of the Stag Device Mounts you get for yourself, you will receive two metal plates. One with 3M tape to stick to any device, and one without the tape.

You can simply place the metal plate between your device and its cover, without removing the 3M tape, or use the metal plate which doesn’t have any tape on it. EASY!


I received my Stag Mount and it’s damaged. What do I need to do?

That’s odd. Please take a photo and email us straight away with your order number and a photo at 

We will organise a replacement or refund for you.


Is it legal for me to use my phone while it’s on a Stag Device Mount?

Mobile phone road rules differ in every state and territory. As a guide, navigation systems and mobile phones can only be used when driving if they are mounted in a fit-for-purpose mount which is fixed to the vehicle and does not obscure the driver’s view of the road.

You cannot text at all while driving, whether or not your phone is secured in a mount fixed to the vehicle.

Please refer to your local state legislation on mobile phone road rules for further information.

For those driving in the state of New South Wales, Australia, please read the Mobile Phone road rules by clicking here. To save you some time, we've copied and pasted the main points for you below:


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